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Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant Reviews

You know you've got a problem, when the free chutney tastes better than the food you've ordered. This says it all.

Visited on: 21-Jun-2016 Posted By:sanjay_saptarshi54689384 (Status: Connoisseur) 27-Jun-2016

Lovely food, great service.

Visited on: 26-Apr-2016 Posted By:dominic (Status: Connoisseur) 27-Apr-2016

Amazing food

Visited on: 01-Apr-2016 Posted By:bcutulle (Status: Connoisseur) 04-Apr-2016

great food & service

Visited on: 24-Sep-2015 Posted By:paul.hennessy2 (Status: Connoisseur) 25-Sep-2015

Everything was good, food,service etc and u rushed.definitely go again

Visited on: 17-Jan-2015 Posted By:Jbreary (Status: Connoisseur) 19-Jan-2015